3 Youth Basketball Tips
to Improve your Shot

Coaches, here are 3 key youth basketball tips to help your players become excellent shooters.  

Learn how to shoot a basketball with greater accuracy and consistency using these fundamental principles and a variety of good individual and team shooting drills.

Becoming a great shooter doesn't happen overnight.

And it certainly doesn't happen by accident.

It takes proper mechanics, LOTS of practice, and detailed feedback to correct mistakes.

Youth Basketball Tips #1

Learning how to shoot a basketball is all about the little things.

Breakdown of good basketball shooting form

Youth basketball tips: Fix common common shooting errors

how to shoot a basketball

Each type of basketball shot has its own mechanics.

Check out basketball tips for the basic basketball shots:

Set shot
Jump shot
Free throw

basketball shooting drills

Youth Basketball Tips #2

Learning all of the steps involved in shooting a basketball is just the beginning...

Next, comes practice, practice, practice.

We've all heard the saying, "Practice makes perfect," but I read a quote the other day that I thought was a lot more accurate.

"Practice makes permanent"

Think about that for a minute.

Practicing is absolutely necessary in learning how to do any skill because you're trying to ingrain movement patterns into your muscles.

But, if you're not practicing correct technique, you're actually doing yourself more harm than good.


Because practice makes bad habits permanent just as easily as it makes good habits permanent.

Make sure that what you're practicing is making you better.

Improve your technique with basketball shooting drills

Practice scoring under pressure with fun basketball shooting games

Improve your shooting percentage with better shot selection

Youth Basketball Tips #3

None of us do things perfectly.

And that's why feedback is so valuable.

Feedback is information we get that helps us correct what we're doing wrong or repeat what we're doing right.

It comes in different forms.

Sometimes you'll shoot the ball, and you'll be able to tell exactly what you did right or wrong based on how the shot felt as it left your fingers and where the ball ended up.

With that feedback, you can make any necessary corrections (or none at all), shoot it again, and get more feedback from the new results.

Sometimes though, it's hard for a shooter to know exactly what's going wrong, especially when it comes to some of the finer points of shooting a basketball.

That's where a great coach comes in who can watch the shooter's technique and provide feedback.

Would you like to help your youth basketball players shoot more consistently, but you're not quite sure what to look for?

Tips to help you analyze a shooter's form:

youth basketball tips
  • As the player shoots, take a look at the shot from different angles. The basketball shooting form will look a little different from the front, back, and sides, and you can get important feedback from each angle.
  • Have the shooter shoot the ball 10 times in a row. This will give you a chance to recognize some mistakes that are being repeated.
  • If you're able to videotape the shots from each angle, that's even better. It gives you the chance to replay the shots and look carefully for the mistakes that might have been hard to notice in real time.

Here's a checklist you can use to break down your player's shot

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