15 Fun Youth Basketball Drills & Games

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Players love these youth basketball drills and games!

Energize your kids basketball practices with high-energy games that work on fundamental skill development in a fun, exciting way!

Some of the drills might be a little complex for the youngest players, but even those in kindergarten will love the free basketball games I've included.

Don't hesitate to modify any of the activities as necessary to accommodate the skill level of each individual.

Try some of these fun youth basketball drills...

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USA Warm-Up


2-Ball Shooting

Kids vs. Coach

Continuous Knockout

Shooting Contests

Fox in the Henhouse

Car Lot

Basketball Pirate

Roll & Go

3-on-2, 2-on-1

Dribble Tag

Cut & Shoot


Ball Handling Challenge

Red Light - Green Light

These are just some of the basketball drills available on this site. There are lots of drills and games you can use at kids basketball practices for individuals and teams.

Focus on specific skills, team building activities, or work on a broad range of skills with the competitive game-like drills.

More youth basketball drills to elevate your game!

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Youth Basketball Drills

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Basketball Fun & Games: 50 Skill-Building Activities for Children

Basketball is a complex game that requires a variety of fundamental skills.

During a basketball game, players continuously transition from offense to defense.

As a result, kids who want to have success on the court and see a lot of playing time need to become all-around players by developing their skills on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.

Physical fitness is an important of the game as players get older, so it's important to include some strength and conditioning drills as well. I've seen many players at the middle school, high school, and collegiate level whose game is negatively affected by poor conditioning. For one thing, you can't concentrate on doing the little things right when you're struggling for breath or your muscles are cramping up. Also, if your body can't effectively deliver the oxygen your working muscles need, it's impossible to perform skills at your highest level.

And since basketball is also a game of quick starts, stops, and changes in direction, players need some good speed and footwork drills.

The following drills are perfect if you're working out on your own, with a partner, or in a team setting.

Fundamental Skills & Conditioning Drills

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