Sports Motivational Quotes

sports motivational quotes

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Sports Motivational Quotes
Inspirational Life Quotes

Attitudes & Beliefs


Our beliefs, thoughts, & attitudes have a huge impact on our performance.



Who are you when no one is around? It's what's inside of us that's most important.



It takes commitment and desire to achieve our goals. Success requires intense focus and a willingness to work hard.



There's a big difference between confidence and conceit. A healthy dose of self-confidence is critical to achieve great things.



It's natural to be afraid when we take on new challenges and risks. It takes courage to fight through our fears and face the unknown.


Hard work

Winning requires hard work and regular practice to learn how to do the "little things" right. It isn't easy to maintain the self-discipline to work hard day in and day out.

Dreams & Vision


Tremendous power lies in our ability to imagine and dream great things. Time spent "seeing" our successes in our minds is time well spent.

Emotions & Self-Control


In the midst of struggle and competition, our emotions can get the best of us at times. Maintaining self-control and not allowing our destructive feelings to defeat us can be difficult. 



Our time is much better spent trying to make ourselves better than making excuses for our mistakes.

Failure & Facing Obstacles


Among all of the uncertainties of life, one thing is for sure. We all face failure and defeat at some point. Those who can learn from their shortcomings are one step closer to success. 

Getting Started

Getting started

Sometimes the hardest part of taking on any challenge is just the act of getting started. "Putting off until tomorrow what you can do today" is an attitude we all struggle with.



Few people reach their destination by accident. Success is a product of carefully laid out plans and goals that lead us toward our dreams.



Never underestimate the power of your habits. Over time the routines of our daily life define who we are.

Perseverance - Part 1

Part 2 & Part 3


There is no shortcut to success. Anything worth accomplishing requires a lot of hard work, practice, and diligence.



Excellence, winning, success, and achievement are the sweet payoff of hard work.

No limits

Sports Motivational Quotes: Team
Team Building

The sky is the limit to what a group of people with a single purpose can achieve!

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