How to Play Basketball
5 Reasons to Dribble

Learn how to play basketball smarter and make better ball handling decisions. 

When it comes to basketball for kids there's one bad habit I see a lot...

how to play basketball

Beginners dribble the ball too much!

One of the most important fundamentals of basketball is being able to dribble the ball under control.

A lot of young players just learning how to play the game have a terrible habit of putting the ball on the floor the second it touches their hands.

The first thing they do is put their head down and take off.

That's not only bad basketball; it's selfish basketball...And it's a recipe for disaster!

Before dribbling, the first thing players need to do is look. They need to protect the ball, pick their head up, and look around to see what's happening on the floor.

Is there an open teammate for a pass?

Do you have an open shot?

Where's the defense?

By not looking first, players often dribble their way into trouble.

To help you make good decisions, here are 5 situations when a player with the ball should use a dribble:

5 Good Reasons to Dribble

1. To move the ball down the floor on the fast break

When your team has secured a defensive rebound or a steal, the dribble is a great way to advance the ball quickly down the court while looking for an open teammate up ahead.

2. To get away from defensive pressure

When the defense is applying tough pressure, it's necessary at times to put the ball on the floor so you can change direction and move by your defender.

basketball dribbling

3. When there's a direct line to the basket

Following a steal or a good offensive move, when you have a direct line to the basket, use the dribble to drive to the goal and score.

4. To attack the basket in the half court

When you have a chance to put the ball on the floor and get by your defender to attack the basket, the dribble can either open up a shot for you or cause the defense to adjust so a teammate is open.

5. To create a better passing angle

Sometimes it's not possible to get the ball to a teammate without dribbling the basketball to put yourself in a better passing position.

These simple fundamentals of basketball for kids will help your players improve their offensive skills and become better team players as well!

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