Fun Basketball Drills for Beginners

fun basketball drills

Try these fun basketball drills with your kindergarten basketball players and other young beginners to help them build their confidence handling the ball.

Make sure your smallest kids are using a youth size basketball when doing these activities. They'll experience more success using a ball that is a better fit for their small hands.

If you've got older kids or are looking for drills that work on a variety of fundamental skills, we've got many more youth basketball drills and games for all ages and skill levels. Just follow the links at the bottom of the page.

Fun Youth Basketball Drills #14-15

Ball Handling Challenge

Red Light - Green Light

Fun Basketball Drills #14
Ball Handling Challenge

If you've got pre-school or kindergarten basketball players, these basketball ball handling drills are great for becoming more comfortable dribbling, passing, and catching the ball.

You can do these with one child or an entire team. Try one or all of them. If one challenge is too difficult, just move on to another one.

Fun Basketball Drills
Dribbling Challenges


  • Bounce the ball while you pretend to walk up and down the stairs. Start by crouching down as low as you can go while dribbling.
  • Start walking and dribbling while gradually straightening your legs until you are all the way up on your tiptoes.
  • Keep walking and dribbling up high and "walk back down the stairs" by gradually lowering your body back down to the floor where you started.


  • Keep the ball bouncing while you bounce with slow, high bounces all the way to quick, small bounces, and then all the way back up to slow, high bounces. See how long you can keep that up without messing up.
  • Walk forward while doing "Yo-Yo." Now walk backward.
basketball dribbling drills

Bedtime/Rise & Shine!

  • Bounce the ball while standing in one place. While you are bouncing it, lower your body down to the floor in a sitting position with your legs out straight in front of you.
  • Dribble it on the right side of your body with your right hand, then between your legs, then on your left side with your left hand.
  • While dribbling, lower your body until you are lying down ("Going to bed"). Try it on one side of your body and then the other.
  • Keep your dribble alive, sit up, and then stand up. ("It's time to rise and shine!")

Coffee Grinder

  • Get into a "coffee grinder" position. (Extend legs out behind and hold yourself up with 1 arm almost like a push-up position, but just using 1 hand.)
  • Dribble the ball with your free hand while pivoting around in a circle on your supporting hand.
  • Swap hands.

Bounce & Catch Challenge

  • Bounce the ball between your legs from the rear to the front and catch it with both hands out in front of you. Now try to bounce it from the front to the rear and catch it with your hands behind your back.
  • Bounce the ball hard so it goes up high, run under it, and catch it.
  • Bounce the ball, turn around in place, and catch it.
  • Bounce the ball while doing different locomotor movements – walking, running, skipping, sliding, hopping, going backwards.
  • Bounce the ball to a certain rhythm.

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Fun Basketball Drills
Tossing & Catching Challenges

Toss & Catch Challenge

Toss the ball in up in the air with a 2-hand underhand motion and...

  • See how high you can toss it and still catch it. Let it bounce if you need to.
  • Toss ball up high and slightly forward, so you have to move to get it. Move under it and catch it before it hits the ground.
  • Catch it after one bounce, 2 bounces, etc.
  • Toss ball up, turn around in place, and catch it before it hits the ground. Catch it after 1 bounce, 2 bounces, etc.
  • Add claps before you catch it.
  • Toss ball up, touch the floor, and catch it.
  • Add a turn around.


Toss ball up and...

  • Stretch arms and body as high as possible and catch the ball above the head with arms fully extended. ("Top floor")
  • Extend arms straight out in front at waist height and catch the ball when it reaches waist level. ("Lobby")
  • Bend down low, hold out arms just above the floor, and catch the ball just before it hits ground. ("Parking Garage")
  • Reverse the order and run the elevator back up to the top floor.


  • Flip the ball out in front of you with a backward spin, so it bounces and comes back to you.
  • Flip it, turn around, and catch it.
  • Add a clap.

Toss & Catch Routines

  • Toss and catch
  • Toss, clap, clap, and catch
  • Toss, turn around, and catch
  • Toss, clap, turn around, and catch
  • Toss, let it bounce, and catch
  • Toss, let it bounce, clap, and catch
  • Toss, let it bounce, clap, turn around, and catch
  • Toss and catch it behind your back
  • Think of your own routines

Fun Basketball Drills #15
Red Light - Green Light

This drill teaches players to keep their head up while dribbling.

Coach stands at one end of the court while all the players line up on the other end. Every player has a ball.

The object of the game is to be the first player to dribble the ball up the court and cross the finish line.

Players have to dribble to advance up the floor. Coach stands on the baseline and holds up either a red, green, or yellow piece of paper.

Red = STOP = Control Dribble in place

Yellow = REVERSE = Retreat Dribble

Green = GO = Speed Dribble

Players learn to keep their eyes up while they're dribbling because they have to see the colors to know what to do. If they perform the wrong dribble, they must go back to the beginning.

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