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Build your offensive skills with free basketball games and shooting drills. These fun games for kids give players a chance to test their skills in a variety of team and individual contests.

Kids vs. Coach

Continuous Knockout

Individual Shooting Contests

These are just a few of the games available to you on this site. We have lots more to choose from.

Basketball Games #3
Kids vs. Coach

This drill gives players a chance to work on their offensive skills against a defender.

Have players line up at the top of the key with a ball. Coach starts in the key on defense.

As the defender, coach can choose how aggressive to play, what openings to give the offensive player, and what to take away.

Coach can determine by her actions what skills the ball handler can work on.

Start with 1 offensive player going 1-on-1 against the coach. Then have 2 kids play together to go 2-on-1.

Bring out 3 kids at a time, and let them go 3-on-1. With 3 players, they have a chance to work on their basketball cuts and screening for teammates.

This is a great way for coach to help players develop their decision-making skills and their ability to read the defense by taking different options away each time.

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Free Basketball Games #4
Continuous Knockout

This is a version of a favorite kid's basketball shooting game that allows players to stay in the game.

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Use 3-4 baskets, if you have them available, and have players split up evenly at each basket. Players line up in a single file line behind the free throw line. The first 2 players in each line have a basketball.

There are always 2 players shooting against each other. The object is for the second shooter to make a basket before the first shooter. If that happens, the first player is "knocked out."

The first shot each shooter takes must be from the free throw line (adjust the distance as necessary for your players), but every shot after that can be from anywhere on the court.

Here's how the game works:

The first player in line takes a shot from the free throw line. If it goes in, she gets her rebound, throws the ball to the next person in line, and gets at the end of the line.

As soon as she shoots her first shot, the second player in line shoots. If the first player misses, both players shoot until someone makes a basket. If the second shooter sinks it before the first shooter, the first shooter is out.

If the first shooter makes it, she passes the ball to the third person in line who then shoots and tries to make it before the second shooter. Play continues non-stop until there is only 1 player left.

To make the game continuous, I like to have the player that gets knocked out rotate to the end of the line at the next basket. This allows players to compete against different shooters, and it also keeps players from having to sit out.

You can play this game for as long as you want. At the end of the time period, the players who never rotated to another basket are the winners.

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This is a fun book I've used before when working with kindergarten and elementary age players.

It's got over 170 fun and easy-to-use game to help teach kids beginning sports skills.

Though it includes more sports than basketball, it's often possible to modify games to fit a variety of sports.

Free Basketball Games #5
Individual Shooting Contests

The sky is the limit to the different types of shooting contests you can have, but I like to have shooting games for kids that use all of the baskets that I have available.

At my facility, I had 3 baskets, and we used them all. Adjust the drill to accommodate your situation.

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Players spread out evenly between the baskets.

At the signal, each player shoots at their basket until they score. Once they score, they dribble around to every other basket and shoot until they score at each one.

When they've scored at each goal, they dribble to center court. The first 4 players to reach coach at center court are the winners.


  • Match up winners and losers for further rounds of competition until you have 1 champ.
  • Designate specific shooting spots.
  • Vary the number of shots they need to make at each basket.
  • Have players perform some type of basketball move before shooting.

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