Good Basketball Shooting Form
The Secret to Great Shooting

Learn the secret to good basketball shooting form and find fun basketball shooting drills and tips to teach your young players how to shoot a basketball.

basketball shooting form

Shooting is, without a doubt, the most important skill in the game of basketball.

Of course passing, dribbling, and rebounding are important, but if you can't sink the basket when your team needs you to score, the other stuff doesn't matter so much.

Simply put, you need to be able to put points on the board.

Know what makes a great shooter? 


Sink more shots with perfect basketball shooting form

Learn how to shoot the following types of shots:

Set shot
Jump shot
Free throw

NBA Superstars

Great shooters are consistent in using excellent basketball shooting form.

They shoot with proper mechanics every time, which allows them to make their shots a good percentage of the time.

Watch a pure shooter, and you'll see what I mean.

They make it look so easy. Their shooting motion is smooth and rhythmic; it's almost robotic.

That's the secret to shooting the ball well:

Shoot the ball the same way...

EVERY time

This doesn't happen by accident.

The body is like a machine. It will perform what it is programmed to do. By training the muscles in your body to follow specific patterns of movement when shooting the ball, "muscle memory" kicks in to help the body replicate those movements automatically.

That's what makes basketball shooting drills so effective. Shooting drills are designed to give players a lot of repetitions using the mechanics of good basketball shooting technique.

With enough practice, players can actually start to "feel" what a good shot feels like. Experienced shooters can usually tell once the ball leaves their fingertips whether it will be long or short, off to the right or left, or going to hit nothing but net!

Take a look at 5 coaching tips that will help your young player get the most out of shooting practice.

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