Basketball Shooting Coach
The Swish Method

Basketball shooting coach to the rescue! Tired of missing those wide-open shots? Wish you were more consistent at the free throw line? We can help you perfect the basketball shooting form to take your game to the next level!

Let Coach Tom Nordland become your own personal basketball shooting coach, and you'll be amazed at how your shooting game improves!

Coach Nordland has developed an amazing teaching method, appropriately called Swish, that takes a very unique approach to coaching fundamental basketball shooting technique.

Throughout all my years of coaching, I have been a big proponent of good shot mechanics. I am a firm believer in the importance of doing the little details properly.

The Swish program is unique in that it focuses on how to control the "flight of the ball." Coach Nordland breaks the shot down into simple pieces and shows players how to put it back together. One of the best things he does is teach self-awareness and self-coaching, so players can recognize their own mistakes and fix them.

Players can learn how to become their own basketball shooting coach!

Kids, parents, and coaches alike will all benefit from Coach Nordland's easy-to-understand instruction.

Learn to become a great basketball shooting coach

Are you a basketball coach who wishes you knew how to help some of your struggling shooters?

Look no further!

I challenge you to take a serious look at his material, incorporate it in your team practices, and see if you don't see an immediate and drastic improvement in your ability to teach the finer points of shooting.

But don't just take my word for it...

Check out this video clip to see how the Swish approach to shooting is unique and very effective.

Did you get a feel for how different and powerful the Swish way of shooting is? Click here to go to the Swish website or to order the Extraordinary Swish videos.

You will not be disappointed! This is a way to learn and teach shooting everyone can understand and adopt. Note there is a 90-day, unconditional moneyback guarantee – what do you have to lose? 

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