Basketball Practice Drills for Children

Here it is! A treasure chest of fun basketball practice drills for children and older players. Improve your game and get ready for basketball tryouts with youth training drills you can do alone or in a group.

basketball practice drills

It's simple. I provide the fun hoops drills...YOU provide the sweat!

You might also want to bring your MP3, iPod, or CD player loaded with your favorite workout songs to get you a little more hyped and ready to go hard!

Oh, and one thing before you get started...

Everyone gets discouraged from time to time doing basketball practice drills.

Good drills make us better by challenging us.

They may challenge us to learn a new skill we've never tried before, do something faster or with fewer mistakes, get a little quicker or stronger, etc.

And sometimes it gets discouraging because you feel like you're working so hard, and it doesn't seem like you're getting any better.

In fact, sometimes you might think you're actually getting worse...

basketball drills for children

Don't worry, that's perfectly normal!

It's what's known as the learning curve.

We all have to go through it when learning new things until we get new patterns of movement ingrained in our muscles.

The only way to get over the hump is by sticking with it and continuing to practice.

So, hang in there and don't give up.

You'll be glad you did when basketball tryouts roll around and you stand out above the rest!

When you feel like you need an emotional boost check out these quotes from great players, coaches and leaders whose words might just give you that workout motivation you desperately need. 

And if you start to have symptoms of burnout, by all means take a break!

Basketball Training Drills

Make sure you're ready for basketball tryouts by improving your skills and overall fitness.

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