Basketball Poems for the Hoops Fan!

Hoops fans are sure to enjoy these inspiring and fun basketball poems and books.

From silly to more serious, this variety of basketball poetry will delight players of all ages!

As a player, I used to love reading basketball poetry from time to time.

And as a coach, I was always looking for good motivational poems and other sports motivational quotes to liven up our team meetings and give my players an encouraging boost.

Here are some fun hoops poems I found on YouTube.

Most of them are written by young kids, and I think you'll agree they're pretty clever. Not only are the lyrics unique, but the way the poets put the words to music and video is pretty cool, too.

Maybe you'll be inspired to write some sports poems of your own!

Basketball by Antony

Basketball Poetry from "Illinois Basketball Symphony"

Slam, Dunk, and Hook by Thailor Parker

Basketball by Godfred Boahene

Basketball Poetry by Levi Preston

When I am Shooting Like This by Romus Simpson

The Night Before Birdmas by EvilTedBasketbawful

Concrete Court by Jason Johnston

Basketball by Hayes Iverson

(I really liked this one. Here are the words:)

"The score is tied
Hands smooth with sweat
God, let the ball
Fall through the net.
I'm on the line
Shooting a pair
First one rolls off
Black hole despair.
Ball feels heavy
Bounce it once more
Slow breath
Let it drop for the score.
The ball is up
Universe waits
The ball drops in

In addition to the free basketball poems available online, there are lots of excellent books full of unique and clever sports poems and motivational quotes.

Check out the selections below and you'll see a sample of the wide variety of basketball poetry available.

Some is perfect for little kids, while others are targeted at older individuals.

Some of the poems are light-hearted and fun, while others are more serious and contemplative.

Some are based on fictional characters, while others are about real NBA players. There's even a book with poems about the WNBA.

BASKETBALL POEMS - Collections of Basketball Poetry


Jump Ball: A Basketball Season in Poems

The Long Net: Poems About the Great Game of Basketball

Rimshots: Basketball Pix, Rolls, & Rhythms

The Basket Counts

Fast Break to Line Break

For the Love of the Game: Michael Jordan & Me

Full Court: Stories & Poems for Hoops Fans

Hoop Kings: Poems About Basketball Greats

Hoop Queens


I Threw My Brother Out

Short Takes: Fast-Break Basketball Poetry

Shot Clocks: Poems for the WNBA

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