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Buy discount basketball magazines online and surprise your hoops fan with a gift that keeps on giving! A sports magazine subscription is a great way for fans to keep up with their favorite college or pro teams.

Below you'll find some of the most popular publications. Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and USA Today's Sports Weekly are definitely favorites among sports enthusiasts. And if you have a young fan around, Sports Illustrated for Kids is an excellent choice.

While most of these publications are released monthly, Sports Weekly gives you extra bang for your buck by giving you 52 issues instead of 12.

Save a lot of money on your subscription by ordering your sports magazines online!

Discount Sports Magazines

Hoops Magazines

If you're strictly a hoops fan and are looking for a magazine subscription that focuses exclusively on basketball, these are the most popular choices.

Winning Hoops

Winning Hoops

For the more serious students of the game who are looking for hoops magazines to help them become a better coach or player, you might find this resource very helpful.

It's written by college coaches and provides game strategy, advice, and plays for junior high and high school age boys and girls basketball coaches.

College Sports Magazines

Have a favorite college basketball team?

Maybe you're an alumnus or supporter of one of the NCAA perennial powerhouses. If so, you'll find magazines from some of the best known college athletic programs.

Though not exclusively basketball publications, these magazines focus mostly on football and men's basketball. Depending on the school, other athletic teams get some coverage as well.

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