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Improve your skills with competitive youth basketball drills and free basketball games.

These fun basketball shooting drills will help you learn to shoot the ball more accurately under pressure while also focusing on making good passes and hustling after the rebound.

Basketball Drills #2
2-Ball Shooting

This drill requires 3 players and 2 balls. It works on shooting, passing, and rebounding.

basketball court

There are 3 shooting areas:

  1. Right corner to right elbow
  2. Right elbow to left elbow
  3. Left elbow to left corner

*The elbow is where the free throw line intersects with the lane line.

Each player will get a chance to rotate through them all. Adjust the distance of the shooting spots for the skill level of the players.

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Player Responsibilities

Player #1: Shooter

Shoot Like the Pros

Goes back and forth between the 2 spots, shooting continuously.

For example, in the first shooting area, the Shooter will shoot from the right corner, hustle over to the right elbow, get a pass from the Passer, and shoot.

He returns to the right corner, gets the pass, and shoots, etc.

Catch the pass with a jump stop, square up to the basket on balance, and use good basketball shooting form.

Follow through completely before moving to the next spot.

Player #2: Rebounder

Gets every rebound and passes the ball to the Passer.

Use 2 hands to get every rebound without letting the ball hit the floor. Land with good balance, keep the ball high above your forehead, and make a good 2-handed overhead outlet pass to the Passer.

Player #3: Passer

Gets the ball from the Rebounder and passes to the Shooter.

Catch the pass from the Rebounder, and put the ball in a good triple threat position. Give a pass fake before making a good pass to the Shooter.

Starting Positions:

  • Shooter starts at one spot with a ball.
  • Rebounder stands on the opposite side of the basket from the Shooter.
  • Passer stands at the opposite elbow from the Shooter.


  • The Shooter starts with one ball, and the Passer starts with the second ball.
  • The Shooter shoots from the right corner and then moves to the right elbow to receive the next ball.
  • Continue for 30 seconds, and then have the players rotate.
  • The Shooter rotates to Rebounder, the Rebounder rotates to Passer, and the Passer rotates to Shooter.

After everyone has shot, move to the next shooting area and repeat until every player has shot at all 3 areas.

If players hustle during this drill, they can get in a bunch of shots, passes, and rebounds in a short amount of time.

You could also have a coach or parent put a hand up on the Shooter, apply pressure to the Passer, or try to knock the ball away from the Rebounder.

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