Basketball Dribbling Drills

What I would give for some good basketball dribbling drills as I sit painfully on the sidelines each Saturday afternoon watching my daughter’s 8-10 year old YMCA basketball game! 

basketball dribbling drills

Why? Because what I see out there on the court barely resembles the game that I love!

Spending just a few minutes each day on ball handling drills will help your young player's confidence and skill level soar!

These basketball drills for youth and basket ball training tips are guaranteed to improve any player's dribbling.

Being able to move the ball up and down the court is crucial to the game of basketball.

Since most young players have very weak basketball dribbling skills and they don't know when and when not to dribble, games can be pretty ugly!

There are two extremes that you commonly see with youth basketball players:

1. Those who are terrified to touch the ball 


They do whatever they can to avoid it at all costs! And when they do receive it (heaven forbid!), they "freeze" on the floor with "mental overload."

They become paralyzed because they have absolutely no idea what to do with the ball. Their confusion and lack of confidence usually causes them to turn the ball over.

They need to develop some automatic in-grained dribbling skills to react with, so all of their energy isn't spent trying to figure out what to do next. 

The good news is this is nothing that a few basketball dribbling drills won't fix!

2. And those who can't seem to bounce the ball enough!

Every time they get their hands on it, they dribble endlessly, with their head down, oblivious to everyone else on the court.

"Over-dribbling" is a habit common in beginners that results in turnovers and missed passing opportunities.

Once players gain more confidence in handling the ball, they can pick their head up and see the floor.

Neither of these is ideal, but there is a happy medium!


A good place to start learning how to handle the ball better is to check out 10 dribbling basketball tips guaranteed to make your trip down the court easier!

Since so much of the game depends on taking care of the ball, learning how to dribble is a great place to start.

You'll be surprised how spending a few minutes each week doing some of these basic basketball dribbling drills will boost your child’s confidence and skill level.

And the great thing about ball handling drills is that you can never be too young or too experienced to benefit from them. 

Just beginning? Start with these basketball dribbling drills

Basic Basketball Dribbling Drills Using 1 Ball

Stationary Ball Handling Drills

Fun Ball Handling Challenges for Young Players

Once you've gained a little confidence and are ready for a challenge, try the following more advanced drills.

They'll give you a chance to handle the ball while sitting down and dribble 2 balls at once:

Lazy Dribbling Drills

2-Ball Basketball Drills

7 More Advanced Ball Handling Drills

The ultimate goal is to perform each drill with control as quickly as possible without looking at the ball.

dribble specs

This will be very difficult at first, but once you get the hang of a drill, try your best to keep your eyes up.

Dribbling specs are helpful because they force you to keep your head up.

We've got some basketball tips to help you get the most from your dribbling drills.

In the beginning, it's all about getting a feel for the ball and getting comfortable with it in your hands.

Spalding Youth Size Basketball

I recommend kids use a youth-size basketball to accommodate their small hands and bodies.

They will enjoy a lot more success with the smaller ball than trying to work with the larger size ball.

When I do these basketball dribbling drills with my daughter we try to make games out of them:

  • We see how many we can do before messing up.
  • We race to see who can finish a certain number of them first.
  • We combine several drills together to make a routine.
  • It's fun to have music on or play "follow the leader" by challenging each other to perform the drill that you demonstrate.

Just use your imagination and create your own fun basketball dribbling drills!

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