Competitive Basketball Defense Drills
Youth Basketball Drills #9-10

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basketball defense drills

Basketball defense drills don't have to be boring!

Build solid defensive skills through fun, competitive games. These games are also excellent basketball conditioning drills.

After the initial basics and general principles are taught, the best way for players to learn how to play defense is to go live in controlled game-like situations.

Players of all ages love the following games because they are competitive, challenging, and fun. It's amazing how much harder players will work on defense if the basketball drills are in the form of team games.

Give some of these youth basketball drills a try and see if they don't make your basketball workouts a bit more exciting and intense!

Defensive Basketball Drills

Roll & Go
3-on-2, 2-on-1

Basketball Defense Drills #9
Roll & Go

This is a great drill for working on man-to-man defense and offensive ball handling.

Players form two lines. One line forms out of bounds underneath the basket, and the other line forms at the top of the key.

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This is a live 1-on-1 half-court game. You really only need one ball, and it starts with the first player underneath. The player under the basket rolls the ball out to the first player in line at the top of the key.

After she rolls it, she hustles out to play good on-the-ball defense and goes live 1-on-1.

They play until the offense scores, the ball goes out of bounds, or the defense gets the ball. Players go to the end of the opposite line, and play resumes with the next person in each line.

Keep a running score for both teams and play for a pre-determined amount of time or until one team reaches a certain number of points.

Basketball Defense Drills #10
3-on-2, 2-on-1

My players both young and old love this drill!

It's like a full-court game, but everyone gets involved in the action since there are no more than 3 players per team on the court at a time.

To keep it simple, I split the players into 2 groups, and each group lines up on opposite baselines.

Designate one group to be the Offense that will send 3 players at a time out on the floor. Designate the other group to be the Defense that will send 2 players out at a time.

To start, have 3 players from the offensive team come out on the floor and line up with one player in the middle and one on each wing.

Coach starts the action by tossing the ball off the backboard and the players rebound it, make an outlet pass, and take it to the opposite end to go 3-on-2 against 2 defenders.

Play continues until the offense scores or the defense gets the ball. If the defense gets it, they bring it down the court and play 2-on-1 against the shooter. They play until a score or the defender gets the ball.

Bring the next 3 offensive players and next 2 defenders out on the court and go again. After a certain period of time, have the teams switch from Offense to Defense.

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