Basketball Court Dimensions
Youth, Jr. High, & High School 

basketball court dimensions

Basketball court dimensions vary depending on the level of competition.

Find the basketball court size below for the specific league you're looking for.

When James Naismith first invented basketball, his 13 original rules didn't even mention court measurements. In fact, the game was played just about anywhere there was enough room to hold up to 80 players on the court at a time!

His first rules allowed teams to have up to 40 players on the court! Can you imagine?

Nowadays, the standard basketball court dimensions are a rectangle 94 feet by 50 feet; however, high school basketball courts are a bit shorter, and the courts for junior high and youth leagues are even smaller.

The following table provides youth league, junior high, and high school basketball court dimensions:


Court length74'74'84'
Court width42'42'50'
Rim height8'- 10'10'10'
Center circle diameter12'12'12'
3-pt lineNone19' 9"19' 9"
Key width12'12'12'
Free throw line
(from backboard)
*Comments about youth leagues

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Most of us don't have the luxury of a gym when we want to shoot around.

If you're lucky, you might have access to a local outdoor court with real court markings, but more than likely you'll just head out to your driveway.

If you're like me, I had a basket on a winding driveway that sloped downhill. Every shot I took was a unique experience, and I chased many balls down the hill!

How I envied the neighbors down the street who had their very own backyard basketball court...

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Youth Basketball Court Dimensions

Court Size

There are no official youth basketball rules and no standard basketball court size. Often, the size of the court depends on the facilities that are available.

When I conduct camps at my church in the summer, we create a court in a multipurpose facility that was not intended to be a gym. I have to modify the basketball court dimensions and tape down temporary boundary lines, making sure to allow a minimum of several feet on every side of the court for safety reasons and to make throw-ins manageable.

For young kids and beginning players, I have found a smaller court works out really well. In fact, it's not uncommon to see two youth league games being played at the same time on a standard basketball court (94' x 50') with each game being played sideline to sideline at each end of the larger court.

I actually think this makes an ideal size for young kids because as the court size increases, fatigue becomes a factor in the game. For younger players, a smaller court allows the players to focus more on the game instead of wasting time and energy running up and down a huge court in transition.

Rim Height

The height of the rim for youth basketball games can be as low as 8 feet for the youngest kids (usually under 8 years old) up to the standard height of 10 feet.

3-pt Line

In many youth basketball leagues, there isn't a 3-point line. I like this because as kids are first learning how to shoot a basketball, it's important that they take shots close to the basket so they can focus on using good shooting form.

Free Throw Line

The free throw line for players ages 10 and up is usually the standard 15 feet; however, youth leagues often mark the floor about 2 feet closer to the basket for the younger players to use. 

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