Free Basketball Court Diagrams

basketball court diagrams

Looking for free, downloadable basketball court diagrams?

Select from full and half-court templates and find playing area dimensions for all levels of competition.

Whether it's youth, high school, college, professional, or international leagues, find the basket ball court size you're looking for.

As a coach, I've found a couple of particularly good uses for these basketball court templates:

  • They work great for drawing up plays and drills for my practice plans and scouting reports.
  • They make excellent shot charts during games. By plotting the shooter's number at the spot of the shot and circling it if the basket is made, you'll get a great idea of your team's shot selection and shooting percentage.

High School & NCAA Basketball Courts

basketball court diagram

HS & NCAA Full-Court

basketball court

HS & NCAA Half-Court

basketball court dimension

HS & NCAA Court Dimensions

NBA & WNBA Basketball Courts


NBA Full Court


NBA Half-Court

NBA court measurements

NBA Court Dimensions

Click here for WNBA basketball court diagrams

International (FIBA) Basketball Courts

FIBA basketball cour

FIBA Full-Court (old)

FIBA half-cour

FIBA Half-Court (old)

FIBA Court Dimensions

Are you looking for basketball court dimensions? Follow the links below to find charts comparing the regulation court sizes for all levels of play:

Youth, Jr. High & High School


If you're interested in building a basket ball court in your driveway or backyard, these diagrams will be helpful in figuring out how you want to lay out your playing area.

Depending on the size of the area you have to work with, just scale down the dimensions to suit your needs.

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Check out our official basketball rules to find all of the rules you need for high school, college, pro, and international competition.

We have a great glossary of hoops terms, too.

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