Better Basketball Conditioning
Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Outlast your opponents with better basketball conditioning.

Endurance, strength, speed and agility training for basketball will guarantee you're still going strong near the end of the game.

Total Basketball Fitness

Basketball is a very strenuous sport.

You need some effective conditioning drills to add to your training for basketball to improve your endurance, strength, speed, agility, and recovery time.

And that's exactly what you'll get here.

Teams play better basketball when every player is physically fit. Your teammates are counting on you to be in great shape!

So, what does that mean?

Basketball Conditioning
1. You need endurance

basketball conditioning

Getting up and down the floor in the fast break, chasing down loose balls, or playing tough one-on-one defense demands a lot of endurance, and the only way you can develop this is through aerobic basketball conditioning.

Cardiovascular activities help your heart pump oxygen more efficiently throughout your body, so you can have the stamina to play hard for the entire ball game.

2. You need strength

Weight training for basketball will help you develop the muscles you need to keep from getting knocked around, be able to hang on to the ball in a crowd, and get more power on your vertical jump.

Strong legs also give you the lift you need when you're shooting the ball, especially when the rest of your body is tired.

3. You need speed

speed and agility training

Basketball is game of quick starts and stops. The ball changes hands quickly, and players need to be able to transition fast. 

Now, I know some of us are built big and slow, and no matter how hard we try, we'll never win a 100-yard dash.

But, don't worry!

Youth speed training will help everyone improve their quickness and get up and down the floor a little faster.

These are a couple very highly recommended resources for speed and agility training.

Check out some excellent speed workouts that are fun for kids.

Developing Agility and Quickness

4. You need agility

The Best 130 Agility Ladder Drills on the Planet

Good footwork is necessary to perform just about every basketball skill as well as maneuver around all the players on the court.

Agility and speed are closely related.

Speed really focuses on how quickly you can move your body from one place to another.

Agility has to do with how quickly you can move your feet to change direction or position while keeping your body under control.

Basketball agility drills will help you get lighter and more agile on your feet.

5. You need quick recovery

training for basketball

There are a lot of times during a basketball game when you expend huge bursts of energy for short periods of time.

Basically, any explosive activities you do that last for less than 2 minutes fall into this category.

Sprinting down the court is an example.

You know that feeling you get of being winded after you run hard?

Anaerobic basketball conditioning helps you shorten the amount of time you need to get your breath back.

This comes in really handy when you have to shoot a free throw, for example. When you step up to the line you want to be able to concentrate on using good shooting form (instead of thinking how tired you are) and have the strength to sink the shot.

There are lots of effective basketball conditioning drills out there.

Whenever possible, I try to incorporate strength and conditioning into games or drills that have some other objective besides just running up and down the floor.

Both of these books are excellent resources, and they've given me some really good ideas for drills.

Complete Conditioning for Basketball
Complete Conditioning for Basketball: 50 Court Drills for Players

When it comes to conditioning training for basketball, remember above everything else, kids want to have fun.

Push your kids too hard, and you run the risk of them showing signs of burnout.

It's a whole lot more fun for players when they can work on basketball skills AND get good conditioning in at the same time.

Plus, it makes it much more game-like. Basketball requires you to be able to shoot, pass, rebound, and defend while you're winded, so why not practice that way?

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