Basketball Coaching Drills
Basketball Games to Play #11-13

basketball coaching drills

Improve your basketball workouts with some of my favorite basketball coaching drills and basketball games to play that help players develop their skills in a fun, competitive way.

It's a challenge at times for coaches and players alike to keep practice from becoming dull and monotonous.

As a coach, I have found it's easier to keep players motivated during workouts and keep their intensity level high if I include competitive basketball drills that allow them work on their fundamental skills in a game-like atmosphere.

Players are more likely to work hard and concentrate longer if they're competing against other players than if they're working on isolated, individual skills in drills they find tiring and boring.

The more you can combine and focus on multiple skills within the same drill, the more realistic the drills become and the more your players will enjoy them.

Basketball Coaching Drills #11-13

See more of my favorite basketball coaching drills.

Basketball Coaching Drills #11
Dribble Tag

This is one of my favorite basketball dribbling drills. It's similar to Team Dribble Tag, except in this version of the game each player is competing against everyone else!

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Every player needs a ball. The object of the game is to keep control of your ball while knocking everyone else's ball out of bounds.

Players spread out within the half-court area to begin. On the whistle, everyone begins dribbling.

While keeping their own dribble alive, players try to knock the basketballs away from other dribblers.

If your ball gets knocked away, you can chase it down, pick it up, and start dribbling again if you get it before it goes out of the half-court boundary lines.

If it goes out, you are out of the game.

You cannot pick up your dribble to knock someone else's ball away or to keep from getting your ball knocked away. If you do, you are out. If you see a loose ball, you can help hit it out of bounds.

As players are eliminated, decrease the size of the playing area every minute or so. I usually start with half-court for anywhere between 10-20 players and then decrease it to inside the 3-point line, inside the free throw lane and jump circle, inside the key below the free throw line, and I finish inside the free throw circle.

The winner is the last player to have a ball.

Basketball Coaching Drills #12
Cut & Shoot

This drill works on making good basketball cuts.

Have players form 2 lines, one on each wing. Coach passes from the top of the key.

The first player in line makes a basketball cut and gets the pass from coach. After receiving the pass, she can shoot or make some type of basketball move before shooting.

Coach then passes to the first player in the other line to perform the same type of cut on the other side of the basket. Once players shoot, they get their own rebound and get in line on the opposite side.

After a period of time, move one of the lines to the top of the key to be passers. Coach drops down to play defense on the wing cutters. The passers try to pass the ball to the cutters while coach plays defense.

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This is a good way to work on 2-player youth basketball plays like the Give & Go and the Pick & Roll.

Work on all different kinds of cuts. Use the "V" cut, "L" cut, and "backdoor" cut.

Use different types of basketball passes.

To make the drill more exciting, make it a team competition where points are kept for each basket made. Or, you can play kids vs. the coach where players get 2 points for every basket scored and coach gets 1 point for every basket missed.

Basketball Coaching Drills #13

I wouldn't recommend using this drill with players that are really young because it allows too much physical contact, but older kids love it!

The point of the drill is to develop physical and mental toughness in players.

There will be many times during a game, especially for players underneath the basket, where they will get knocked around with no fouls called. Players need to learn how to respond to rough contact.

The drill starts with 3 players in the free throw lane. All players must stay in the lane, and they can't dribble. The coach starts the drill with an intentional missed shot, so there is a rebound.

It's every man or himself, and every player is trying to score while keeping the other 2 players from scoring. Once a basket is made, the ball goes back out to coach for another missed shot to put the ball back in play.

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Each player stays in until he scores 3 baskets at which point he rotates off, and a new player comes in.

If the ball gets too far out of the lane, let it go, and coach will shoot another ball.

Don't allow players to foul intentionally, but players should expect to be fouled.

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