11 Basketball Agility Drills  
Improve Your Quickness

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Try these 11 basketball agility drills guaranteed to improve your quickness, balance, and coordination.

Regardless of your size or position, quick footwork is really important.

Agility drills are perfect for helping players become lighter on their feet, be able to change directions quickly, and gain better balance and coordination.

As you become more agile, you're able to:

101 Agility Drills
  • Make sharper cuts for the ball
  • Make quicker basketball moves
  • Play tougher on-the-ball defense
  • Sneak through openings between players to chase down rebounds

I have used these drills with my players and have found them to be really effective.

Even the bigger, slower kids gain a lot of confidence as they see themselves improve from one week to the next.

Once you've given these basketball agility drills a try, try other basketball conditioning drills to help improve your endurance, strength, speed, and recovery time.

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All of these drills start with the player in the same stance. Stand with your feet comfortably spread, knees slightly bent, and arms hanging loosely at your side.

Try to keep a well-balanced stance throughout each drill, and peform them as quickly as possible.

Continue until you have done each one 5 times. Take about a 15 second rest and repeat.

Basketball agility drills #1
Jumping the Square

  • Jump about 4 feet forward as quickly as you can, landing in the same stance you started in.
  • Then, without hesitating, jump 4 feet sideways to the left, keeping your body facing forward.
  • As soon as your feet land, jump backwards about 4 feet and then immediately jump to your right about 4 feet while still facing forward so that you land in the same place you started.
  • You will have completed a square.

Basketball agility drills #2
Back & Forth Jumping

  • Jump quickly to a spot about 4 feet in front of you. As soon as you land, jump backward to the original position.
  • Variations:  Vary the distances. Do a half-turn in the air during the jump. Then try a full-turn.

Basketball agility drills #3
Jumping the "W"

  • This time, instead of jumping in a square shape, you're going to jump in the shape of a "W"."
  • Start with the same stance and jump 3-4 feet backwards at a sharp angle to your right. As soon as you land, quickly jump forward the same distance toward your right. You're halfway done with the "W".
  • Finish the "W" by jumping backward at an angle to your right and then forward again to your right.
  • Once you finish, immediately retrace your jumps so that you make the "W" in reverse and end up back where you started.
  • You can vary the angles at which you jump to make a skinny "W" or a wide one.
basketball conditioning drills
Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness
Speed, Agility, and Conditioning Drills for Basketball

Basketball agility drills #4
Dotting the "I"

  • Jump forward as far as possible.
  • As soon as you land, jump as high as possible straight up in the air to dot the "I".
  • Jump backwards to your starting spot and when you land, jump straight up again to dot the "I".

Basketball agility drills #5
Scissors Jumping

  • Stand with your left leg about 2 feet in front of your right leg.
  • Jump forward, reversing your legs so you land with the right leg forward and your left one back.
  • Continue this pattern, jumping as quickly as possible down the entire length of the court.

Basketball agility drills #6
Twist Jump

  • Start by jumping in the air quickly and doing a half turn in the air so you face in the opposite direction when you land.
  • As soon as you land, jump forward as far as you can and then backward as far as you can.
  • Finish the drill by making a half-turn jump so that you land in your original position facing the way you started.

Basketball agility drills #7
Quick Step

  • Run quickly in place and count how many times your feet hit the ground in 30 seconds. Try to increase this number each time you do the drill.
  • See how many times your right foot only can hit the floor in 30 seconds.
  • Then try your left foot.

Basketball agility drills #8
Lane Slides

  • Start in the middle of the lane. Move across the lane 4 times and touch outside the lane with your outside hand.
  • Move across 4 more times, touching outside the lane with your inside hand.
  • Move across 4 more times, touching outside the lane with both hands.
  • Time this drill and see if you can cut seconds off each time.

basketball court

Basketball agility drills #9
Running the "8"

  • Set up a Figure "8" with cones or chairs and run through the course as quickly as fast as you can.
  • Run though backwards.
  • Slide sideways leading with your left foot, and then again sideways leading with your right.
9-in sports cones

Basketball agility drills #10
Line Jumps - Quick Feet

For this set of drills you need a line or crack in your driveway. Do each of these for 15-30 seconds and try to build up to a longer amount of time.

  • Front to Back 
    Stand with both feet on one side of the line facing the line. Jump forward over the line. As soon as your feet hit the ground, jump backward to your starting spot. See how quickly you can jump back and forth.
  • One-Leg Front to Back
    Do the Front to Back but only use one leg. Jump back and forth using only your right leg. Then switch and use only your left.
  • Skier
    Stand on one side of the line with the line at your side. With both feet, jump sideways so both hit the ground on the other side of the line. When your feet hit, quickly jump back over to the other side. Go back and forth as quickly as you can. Try to keep your hips directly over the line and move your legs from side to side like a skier.
  • One-Leg Skier
    Do the Skier but only jump with the foot closest to the line. Jump off of one foot and land on one foot. See how quickly you can go from side to side. Then turn around and do it again using the other leg.
  • Criss-Cross
    Straddle the line. Jump up and cross your feet so they each land on the opposite side from where they started. On impact, quickly jump and cross them back to their original position.
  • Scissors
    Straddle the line so that one foot is in front of you on one side of the line and your other foot is behind you on the other side of the line. Jump up and switch your feet like scissors so you land with your feet in opposite positions. Do this as quickly as you can.

Basketball agility drills #11

For this set of drills, place 5 dots on the floor, spacing them so you have a rectangle about 2 feet X 3 feet.

Use tape or chalk if you don't have floor markers, and arrange the dots in the following configuration:

basketball agility drills

There is a sequence of 5 separate drills. Do each one 6 times, and continue without stopping until you complete them all.

D2 ftE
3 ftC3 ft
A2 ftB

Up and Back

  • Start with your feet on A and B.
  • Jump quickly to C, landing with both feet, and immediately jump quickly to land with one foot on D and one on E.
  • Come back the same way backwards.
  • Repeat 5 more times.

Right Foot

  • Start with your feet on A and B. (This is where you ended Up and Back.)
  • Jump to C and land on your right foot only.
  • Jump with your right foot on the dots in this order: E, D, C, A, B.
  • Repeat 5 more times.

Left Foot

  • Start on B. (You should be on your right foot from the previous drill.)
  • Jump to C with your left foot only.
  • Jump with your left foot in this order: E, D, C, A, B.
  • Repeat 5 more times.

Both Feet

  • Start on B. (You should be on your left foot from the previous drill.)
  • Jump to C and land on both feet.
  • Jump with both feet in this order: E, D, C, A, B.
  • Repeat 5 more times.

Turn Around

  • Start with both feet on B. (This is where you ended the previous drill.)
  • Jump with both feet and land with one foot on D and one on E just like in Up and Back.
  • Quickly jump and turn 180 degrees to face the other way. You should still be on D and E.
  • Hit C with both feet and then jump so one foot lands on A and one on B.
  • Turn quickly again with a 180 degree spin with your feet still on A and B.
  • Repeat 5 more times.


Less than 50 seconds = Super Quick
50-60 seconds = Great
60-70 seconds = Average
70-80 seconds = Need More Work
More than 80 seconds = Slow


  • The dot drill will be hard and awkward at first. You may feel pretty clumsy, but if you stick with it and do this set of drills 6 times a week, in a very short time you will see some big-time improvement.
  • You can have quick feet in a month or two.
  • Set two goals: The first is to do it 6 times a week and the second is to see how fast you can go.

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