Wisconsin Basketball Camps

Wisconsin basketball camps

Wisconsin basketball camps have plenty to offer if you're looking for a wide choice of summer basketball camps for girls and boys. 

Most colleges and universities that sponsor intercollegiate basketball teams host camps in the summer for young people. These programs give players a chance to learn from professional coaches, interact with members of the team, and enjoy being part of the college scene for a few days.

I've compiled a list of the college summer camps throughout the state as well as some popular private camps held at a variety of venues. You're sure to find an option to fit your budget, location, and skill level.



Boys Camps

Girls Camps

Carroll University

Edgewood College

Lawrence Univ


St. Norbert College

Wisconsin Lutheran





De Pere


CU Boys

EC Boys

LU Boys

MU Boys

None at this time

WLC Boys

CU Girls

EC Girls

LU Girls

MU Girls

None at this time

WLC Girls

University of Wisconsin banner
Marquette banner

Univ of Wisconsin

UW – Eau Claire

UW – Green Bay

UW – La Crosse

UW - Milwaukee

UW – Oshkosh

UW – Platteville

UW – River Falls

UW – Stevens Point

UW – Stout

UW – Superior

UW - Whitewater

UW - Parkside


Eau Claire

Green Bay

La Crosse




River Falls

Stevens Point





Badger Boys

UW-EC Boys

UW-GB Boys

UW-LC Boys

UW-M Boys

UW-O Boys 

UW-P Boys

UW-RF Boys

UW-SP Boys

UW-Stout Boys

UW-S Boys

UW-W Boys

UW-P Boys

Badger Girls

UW-EC Girls

UW-GB Girls

UW-LC Girls

UW-M Girls

UW-O Girls

UW-P Girls

UW-RF Girls

UW-SP Girls

UW-Stout Girls

UW-S Girls

UW-W Girls

UW-P Girls

Here are some other popular Wisconsin youth basketball camps:

Would you like to get the word out about a good fundamental basketball camp you're hosting or have attended in the state of Wisconsin?

Send me the information, and I'll get it posted.

I want this list of summer basketball camps for girls and boys to continue to grow and serve as a helpful resource for players, coaches, and parents.

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