Free Basketball Drills

Your kids will love some of my favorite free basketball drills. These youth basketball training drills are not only fun, but they simulate game situations while working on a variety of fundamental skills at once.

Basketball Training Drills #1
USA Warm-Up

I learned this at a coaching clinic years ago and used it all the time with my college players as well as my young kids.

It was used as a warm-up drill by one of the USA women's basketball teams, and it's an excellent drill because it combines passing, catching, offensive moves, dribbling, and shooting.

Players line up at half-court along the right-hand sideline facing the basket. Coach stands at the top of the key. Every player has a ball.

The first person in line passes the ball to coach and then cuts to the wing for a return pass. Coach returns the pass, and the player executes a specific basketball move and shot.

The player follows her shot, gets her own rebound, and dribbles the ball out the other side of the basket to go line up at half-court on the left-hand side facing the same basket.

Once every player has gone, the same move and shot is repeated on the left side. By alternating sides, players get to work on dribbling with both their weak and strong hands and approaching the basket from both the left and right.

From the left side of the court, the first player makes the move and takes the shot, gets her own rebound, and dribbles the ball out to go line up at half-court on the right said where the drill started.

After all of the players take their turn from the left side, coach designates a new move, and the drill continues.

Here are some of the combinations I use.

They all start with a pass to coach; coach passes back, and the player...

  1. Takes it in for a lay-up.
  2. Drives to the block and shoots from the block.
  3. Takes a couple dribbles and shoots from the wing or baseline.
  4. Does a crossover dribble on the wing and takes it in for a lay-up.
  5. Does a crossover move and dribbles to the wing or baseline for a shot.
  6. Does a reverse dribble on the wing and takes it in for a lay-up.
  7. Does a reverse move and dribbles to the wing or baseline for a shot.
  8. Cuts to a shooting spot within range, meets coach's pass with a jump stop, and shoots a set shot or jump shot without a dribble.
  9. Dribbles between the legs and drives in for a lay-up.
  10. Shoots from the 3-pt range.

Add different challenges to these basketball shooting drills:

´╗┐Mix up the types of passes that players and coaches make. Use a chest pass one time, then a bounce pass, and an overhead pass.

Let players come up with their own combination of basketball moves.

Have players execute a pass fake, shot fake, or jab fake before making a move.

Even the young players love the chance to put some different skills together and take it to the hole. 

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