Basketball Court Size

Compare the basketball court size and dimensions used in the NBA, WNBA, NCAA, and FIBA. Find free basketball court diagrams for each level of competition.

The standard hoops court is a rectangle 94 feet by 50 feet. However, check out the table below to see how the court dimensions compare for:

  • College - NCAA (men) vs. NCAA (women)
  • Pro - NBA (men) vs. WNBA (women)
  • International - FIBA
Court length94'94'94'94'91.86'
Court width50'50'50'50'49.21'
Rim height10'10'10'10'10'
Restricted area
(from basket)
Center circle diameter12'12'12'12'11.81'
3-pt line20' 9"19' 9"22' -
23' 9"
20' 6"22.15'
Key width12'12'16'16'11.81' -
Free throw line
(from backboard)

Notes: The 3-pt line for the NBA measures 22 feet from the sides and 23.75 feet from the top.

Under old FIBA rules, the key is a trapezoid shape that measures 11.81 feet wide at the free throw line and 19.69 feet at the baseline.

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Don't know what some of the lines on the court mean?

If you need basketball court diagrams, check out our selection of free, downloadable pictures with and without court dimensions. Choose between full-court and half-court layouts.

The size of the court is not the only difference between the college, professional, and international rules. Check out our official basketball rules page to see how the games differ in other areas.

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